A strong voice is an asset that can be used not only to control the classroom, but also, enable a teacher to put across information with greater clarity and confidence, allowing them to engage students, command learning and communicate ideas, effectively.

However, without the proper training a teacher can damage this crucial tool.

Did you know that on average, teachers are more than twice as likely as non-teachers to suffer from voice disorders and about three times more likely to see a doctor about the issue?

Atticus Arts vocal training sessions will:

  • Effectively ease the strain on the voice

  • Enable effective management of classroom behaviour

  • Reinforce classroom presentation skills

  • Manage breathing and anxiety to build confidence when speaking

  • Pass on transferrable skills for use in both a professional and social setting

''Thank you Jacqueline Goddard for this very timely Find Your Voice workshop!

The coaching, support and feedback I received gave me some great techniques and confidence about my first public speaking event!''  Julie