Past projects

Contact Atticus Arts to discuss your project needs. We create innovative community and corporate arts projects depending on your aims and outcomes. We can help you navigate funding applications and find the right arts professionals for your specific project.
Below are some examples of our exciting, inspiring and successful projects.


This short film on the perils of recreational drug taking was based on the true story of an A* student and tells of her decent in to homelessness and addiction. The script was devised by a group of young people who, also, acted all the parts. Funded by Woodpecker training, it was filmed and edited professionally and is now used in schools as a teaching aid.
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Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and organised  by Jacqueline Goddard on behalf of Hampshire Cultural Trust this was an exciting and innovative project involving 60 young people and 3 different art forms as well as IT and MINECRAFT! New Milton was created in the Minecraft world and populated with links to slices of its history told by the young people using film, live performance and music. Microsoft loved it, BBC South loved it and you'll love it too.
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Two generations came together through the sharing of well-known and much loved poems.
The 6 weeks project worked with 2 groups- residents of a local care home and local school children, who worked with a performance specialist, to develop a short programme that they performed to the other during an informal ‘sharing’.
Commissioned by a local literary festival, the project brought together groups from different generations to share experiences and build connections. It promoted literacy and decreased social isolation.


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