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Your Story is Your USP

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

‘That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.’ Nietzsche

Very early on in my acting career I played a character named Doll. During the course of the play she and her boyfriend terrorise and humiliate a couple in their own home. Doll took great pleasure in exposing the hypocrisy of the couple’s relationship and she uses the Nietzsche quote, above, to end the play, satisfied that the trauma she has inflicted on them will make them stronger people (great fun to play!). Whether this is true or not what is certain is that their experience at the hands of Doll will become part of their story.

I am - we all are - a product of our life experiences, good and bad. Our stories are who we are. They are what makes us, us.

However, we are all so busy trying to be who we think we should be that we forget (sometimes by choice) to look back at what shaped us. Your past doesn’t have to define your future, but it does inform it.

I’m not sure whether when I played the part of Doll that I really understood Nietzsche's quote. Strange when I think that I had very recently been through some traumatic experiences of my own which in retrospect have certainly made me stronger.

I am only now beginning to share my story with others but it feels right to do so.

(listen to the hArt podcast https://hart.buzzsprout.com/).

After all, it gives me my voice, my authenticity, my USP.

Through the process of talking to others about my own experiences and through writing about my childhood and my journey I am beginning to understand why I am the person I am and why I do what I do (At the moment I'm confronting what in my story holds me back and stops me from fulfilling my potential).

Our past history and experiences are our USP.

You are your unique selling point. Nobody has lived your joy, your trauma.

Could exploring or telling your story propel you forward?

I would love to hear your story or, perhaps, help you explore it.

If you are willing to be a little bit vulnerable, please, get in touch.

hArt May 28 at 4:29 PM ·

https://hart.buzzsprout.com/ Another podcast with Jackie Goddard talking about a very personal experience in which she used art to focus and help her through a frightening and lonely time. HART.BUZZSPROUT.COM hArt's Podcast

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