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On behalf of Atticus Arts- Jackie's first ever blog!

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Here we are half way through June and it's STILL raining. Flaming June!!

Anyway, I have been meaning to post a blog for ages but being a complete novice and a new comer to blogging I have been majorly procrastinating!

It has been nine months since Atticus Arts came in to being and it's been a very exciting time.

Back in October as part of New Milton's first ever literacy festival, I ran a project bringing together residents of Kingfisher care home and year seven students from The Arnewood school with poetry. Both groups performed brilliantly to each other and are looking forward to repeating the experience this year, too.

I have, similarly, been privileged to work with Brockenhurst Day Centre with some lively independent livers. They have performed both poetry and a couple of Five Minute Mystery radio plays to the local primary school. The group love to share their stories and I love to hear them. I look forward to working with them again.

In January I began work with Blue Apple Theatre Company an innovative company giving young people and adults with learning disabilities the opportunity to perform as part of a professional team. I am facilitating a class at Forest Arts Centre with an established group of youngsters and, also, at Hangar Farm in Totton. This group are part of the Minstead Trust and, on the whole, new to drama! They are great fun to work with. We are just embarking on our very own version of Alice in Wonderland, performance end of July.

In March I went to Bristol as part of Permission To Play's pilot innovation programme. I had the pleasure of putting some software experts from CIVICA, through their paces. They blew me away with their improvised scenes and willingness to play. Improvisation, with its 'permission to play' ethos, is a great way of getting a team to think creatively and collaborate with confidence. Thank you CIVICA for going with it.

I have, also, run several Finding Your Voice workshops, sharing tips and techniques on how to support and improve the voice. I love to be part of these sessions as I think I benefit as much as the participants do having worked with some quite inspirational groups. I can feel confidence levels rise and voices emerge quite often to the surprise of their owners - a real pleasure.

And last but not least Theatre Works, the Forest Arts adult drama group. What an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with this group. So far, in our four or five year existence, we have improvised and devised, performed scripted and verbatim pieces and laughed - a lot!! I hope we have many more years together.

Looking forward, I hope to continue working with inspirational people and groups and to develop my dream of collaborative creative working. I am looking forward to writing and telling stories through film and theatre and to using Atticus Arts to a enrich and empower.

This is my first blog but hopefully not my last. It may, however, be my longest!!

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