This is my Christmas Creative Conversation with communication guru, Trisha Lewis. FASCINATING! Trisha Lewis is forensic about how you communicate with yourself and others. Through a series of ‘misaligned’ jobs, the actor in her kept popping back up. Trisha is now a happy communication coach, podcast host, speaker and author.

#6 Trisha Lewis

# 5 Lord Simon Jacobs

Lord Simon Jacobs, Chief Weirdo at Professional Weirdos is a 28-year-old Mancunian, with a deep pocket full of creativity, stories, experiences and randomness, as you'll hear in this episode. Professional Weirdos runs creativity training and virtual activities for teams, helping to provide those much-needed watercooler moments, even when you're not in the office!

#4 Lucy Handley

Creative Conversation #4 is with Department 83 founder, Lucy Hadley. We discuss everything from fashion to hedgehogs, from singing to exercising in the middle of the road but always with creativity and business in mind. Enjoy...

#3 Kevin Mann

Creativity fan and marketing strategist, Kevin Mann founded PermissionToPlay to spread a little (more) creativity into the world around us to help make it a better place. In our fascinating conversation we discuss innovation and creativity in business, art for mental health and the joy of getting lost! Enjoy...


In the second of this series of podcasts Jacqueline Goddard is in conversation with Annie Jeffery, chair of trustees and founder of art therapy charity, hArt. A fascinating discussion with a facsinating artist and philanthropist. We discuss the therapeutic value in hitting a piece of stone with a hammer, Grayson Perry in lockdown and the benefits of non judgemental art therapy for our mental health and well being.

In this, our first Podcast, I am in conversation with Harris Jackson's Samantha Crockett. We discuss many things from what is creativity to how you get from a career in theatre to interior design. Plus homeschooling and being creative in lockdown. Funny and insightful. 

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Atticus Arts first ever Podcast!

#1 Samantha Crockett

Epic talent zoom.HEIC

Scarf's Got Talent

Scarf (Supporting Special Children and their Relatives and Friends) is a charity based in the New Forest, Hampshire.

They organise activities for young people with learning disabilities including Epic drama.

In lockdown we have continued to work together and this video is one we made to demonstrate some very special talents!



Make It Real podcast

Playing is seriously important!

Thank you to Trisha Lewis for having me as a guest on her Make It Real podcast. We had a great chat about our shared background in theatre and how we can relate our training to running a business. From building trust and engaging our audiences to 'playing' in order to become more instinctive and inspiring. We had some laughs along the way too.

podcast image.PNG

hArt (Hampshire art for recreation and therapy)

This was the second podcast I did with Annie at hArt.

They do an amazing job for those in the community with mental health issues and so I was very happy to share my story of a time when I felt isolated. 

'Another podcast with Jackie Goddard talking about a very personal experience in which she used art to focus and help her through a frightening and lonely time.' Annie Jeffery, CoT, hArt.

hArt (Hampshire art for recreation and therapy)

'The first in our series of podcasts, Jackie Goddard of Atticus Arts talks about

breathing exercises to help overcome anxiety and build your confidence.' Annie Jeffery, CoT, hArt.

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